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Proven Most Powerful

Our founders aren’t hokey, free-spirited hippie clichés, they actually all have strong science backgrounds and biases. That being said, you can rest assure that FemiClear has been through rigorous third party testing to prove its efficacy in both the homeopathic and scientific communities.”

Scientific tests show FemiClear is the most effective OTC product at killing yeast. FemiClear isn’t just the strongest product either, it’s also the shortest treatment on the market clocking in at just two days.


Nelson Laboratories – a nationally certified lab – tested FemiClear against competitor giants Monistat (and their various treatment times) and Vagistat in hopes of proving which one prevailed as the best candida (yeast) killer.

The results were undeniable: FemiClear kills yeast more effectively than every treatment it was tested against, sealing its place at the top of the OTC market.

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