Joie de hooha

Kill yeast the natural way

What’s in the Package:

  1. 1 tube of FemiClear®
  2. 2 applicators
  3. 1 Itch Relief Ointment

All Natural Ingredients

  1. Calendula – Healing agent
  2. Melaleuca – Anti-yeast agent
  3. Oxygenated Olive Oil and Olive Extract – Antimicrobial and healing agent
  4. Pure Lavender Essential Oil – Fresh scent

How to Use

Don’t worry, it’s easy! Use at bedtime.

  1. Place the ointment in the fridge 20 minutes prior to use.
  2. Put on a panty liner.
  3. Connect and squeeze half of the Vaginal Ointment into applicator.
  4. Lie down in bed (and stay that way).
  5. Sweet dreams!
  6. Repeat on day two.
  7. Enjoy your joyful hooha!

How to Store

Store at 68° – 77°F (20°- 25°C). If liquified, refrigerate 20 minutes to thicken.

FemiClear Yeast Infection Treatment

  • Proven to kill more yeast* than Monistat® and the leading vaginal Rx.
  • All-natural and organic ingredients – no chemicals or artificial antifungals. Because who wants those near their hooha?
  • Fast and effective 2-day treatment.

A few important considerations before using FemiClear:

USE AT BEDTIME: Yes, this is in the directions, but we’re serious! FemiClear can leak, so insert right at bedtime when you won’t be up and moving around. Pro tip: Wear a panty liner with your least favorite undies if you’re a wiggly sleeper!


WE DON’T ADD SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES: When we say “all-natural”, we mean it. Upside? We don’t add any unnecessary fragrances that might cause dryness or other damage to your hooha. The downside? FemiClear smells like its simple, all-natural ingredients. We know it’s not everyone’s favorite scent, so we’d love YOUR feedback about what natural fragrances or essential oils you’d like us to add.


EVERY HOOHA IS UNIQUE: It’s possible you might experience a temporary increase in burning, itching, and/or irritation when you insert FemiClear. This discomfort can range in intensity and can be caused by several factors including increased sensitivity of the vaginal walls and vulva during a yeast infection, the duration of the infection. For women who experience discomfort with FemiClear, most of them report that it’s more significant during the first dose and not as significant with the second dose. Rest assured that this possible burning is a known side-effect and while not pleasant, FemiClear is working to cure your yeast infection. If discomfort persists for more than 3 days, contact your physician.


We welcome all questions and feedback as we work to optimize FemiClear!

Proven to kill more yeast* than Monistat®1,3,7, and the leading vaginal Rx.

Nelson Labs Proves it

Nelson Laboratories, a nationally-certified lab, tested FemiClear against Monistat® and the leading vaginal Rx to prove which treatment prevailed at killing the most yeast*.

The results were undeniable: FemiClear kills more yeast* than every treatment it was tested against. Joie de hooha indeed.