FemiClear OTC Convenience—Prescription-Strength Without a Prescription

Home Remedies Don’t Work – FemiClear DoesYou are itchy, have gross clumpy discharge, and vaginal soreness and irritation. You have a yeast infection, congrats (*eye roll). No need to hang your head low and wallow, yeast infections are the least worrisome of the vaginal infections. If you haven’t had a yeast infection before and you are not sure whether it is a yeast infection just pop on over to our Symptom Checker and find out now! But if it’s your first one, you still will want to see a doctor to make sure your self-diagnosis is right.

What to do now? You know you have a yeast infection. You want it gone… yesterday. There are two directions you could go. First Scenario: You could pick up your phone, search through your never-ending list of contacts, call your gynecologist, sit on hold for what seems like forever, and maybe you get a person. However, if you are like me you get sent to the voicemail. I obviously make delicate personal calls during lunch, because I do not want my nosey co-workers (yes, I’m talking about you Susan) listening in.

Now time to wait for the callback, and shoot, it is right in the middle of a meeting! You’ll have to call back at the end of the day and…they are closed. You see where I am going with this? Second Scenario: You could stop at the drug store after work and Buy FemiClear, the shortest most effective OTC remedy on the market. Two days later, you are back to your normal self. No hassle, no embarrassing call, and no waiting in line at the pharmacy counter.

FemiClear is more effective at curing yeast infections than Monistat, and as effective as the prescription creams. FemiClear 2 Day kills yeast quickly internally and relieves external symptoms like itching and irritation right away.

FemiClear 2 Day is the stronger, safer, smarter choice with the added convenience of buying it in your local store!


FemiClear OTC Convenience—Prescription-Strength Without a Prescription

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